MGT |Heat Treatment

MGT – Fast, Reliable & Flexible!

With long experience MGT offers flexible heat treatments with high precision and using modern technology.

The MGT offer has the following advantages

  • Modern production and control systems creates a reliable production
  • MGT offers a wide range of heat treatment services.
  • Flexible production to respond quickly to the requirements of our customers
  • Quality certified according to ISO 9001
  • Energy efficient production
  • We serve many different types of businesses and various industries with heat treatment
  • Long experience in heat treatments

MGT offers the market most of the common methods and processes in heat treatment.


Our customers can be confident that their demands can be met, however strict they might be, with an assured quality and with a cost-effective solution.

Additional services for our customers

Transportation services
If you are interested in transportation services, our staff can advise you and offer you an appropriate transportation for your order. We provide you with our own transport fleet, in our fleet there are vehicles of various sizes available so we have always the right transport solution for you.

Material testing
We will arrange for your material tests according to your needs for example:
Hardness measurements: HB, HV, HRC
Neutral examination of all destructive and non-destructive methods (eg, UT, PT, MT and RT).


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Stress relieving

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Case hardening

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