MGT |Plant

Performance parameters

The plant of MGT consists of four owens which are equipped with the latest control technology, which controls all phases and the temperature, time and thus offers you the right heat treatment for your specific material and the special workpiece.

Our furnaces have the following dimensions:

Owen 1
Dimensions 8.000mm x 4.000mm x 4.000mm
Max. Loading 50t
Temperature Range 150°C – 1.000°C
Owen 2
Dimensions 6.000mm x 3.000mm x 3.000mm
Max. Loading 40t
Temperature Range 150°C – 1.000°C
Owen 3 and 4
Dimensions 4.000mm x 2.500mm x 2.400mm
Max. Loading 20t
Temperature Range 150°C – 1.000°C

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